Aug 22, 2020

Home Renovation Safety Tips

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Home renovation Safety should be considered while you are planning or there is a renovation ongoing in your home. Below are some tips that can help you to avoid any type of calamity:

Working at heights is a leading cause of injury. Always ensure that when working off ladders these are structurally sound, that they’re placed on a firm footing and are held in place so they can’t slip or fall over. Where possible another person should anchor the ladder.
• When working on an access scaffold always ensure that the scaffold is on a firm footing, where one leg can’t suddenly settle into the ground causing the whole scaffold to tilt. Scaffold legs should have base plates and even timbers under them to distribute the load. The planks on scaffolding should be firmly attached so they can’t accidentally tip, or fall off. Scaffold towers should never be higher than three times their width. If the tower is higher it should be tied to a wall, or have side props to prevent it toppling over. Never overload scaffold platforms. Don’t erect a scaffold on the edge of excavations.
• Wear proper personal protective equipment.
• Your eyes are valuable so it’s vital you wear glasses that provide full protection so that dust and other construction debris can’t enter your eyes. Also, some solvents and liquids can damage the eye should they splash into your eye. That is the most important aspect you need to pay attention to your home renovation safety checklist.
• Safety shoes are essential. They help prevent trips, slips, and falls, they’ll protect your feet if something heavy or sharp falls on them, and protect the soles of feet should you stand on a sharp object.
• Gloves provide protection to hands.
• Inhaling dust and fibers from cutting can lead to long term health problems, including lung cancer, so dust masks are necessary when cutting or drilling into materials that generate dust.
• Some products, particularly epoxies, solvents, and glues can give off noxious fumes, so wearing a proper breathing mask appropriate to the task is essential, and only mix and use them in ventilated areas.
• Safety harnesses are essential when working at heights where there’s a possibility of falling. These need to be anchored to firm support that will hold and arrest your fall.
• Darkened visors must be used when flame cutting or welding.
• Always get an injury treated properly, then take precautions to prevent dirt from getting into the wound. Even a minor cut finger can become infected and end with a protracted hospital stay, or even worse an amputation of a finger

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