Jun 25, 2020

Mass Fever Detection System

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Visiting public places like parks, airports, shopping malls, bus stations, etc is now risky, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. We cannot be sure of the infected surfaces and people who might not be showing the symptoms. This can highly impact the economy as people might avoid going to such public places. For example, fewer people visit a mall, the mall shall suffer.
It is Masstrans’ job and we aim to make living easier for everyone. Thus, a win-win situation for both your customers and you (a campus, an organization), will be to introduce Ferver Detection System in and around your facility.
A facility or campus will benefit by not having to appoint staff for holding a fever detection gun and checking the temperature of the people manually. It minimizes coming in contact with many people. Masses can be scanned automatically with a thermal detecting camera. This system provides an instant alert of high temperatures and is fast to deploy even in small spaces.
The fever detection system can help people by making public places feel safer. The system will also make sure not to miss out on anyone with a high fever. This will encourage and take some burden off of the medical facilities in India.
Bring a change, reopen your business with assurance to your customers that you care for them.
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