Sep 22, 2020

Why should you consider investing in a Beauty Salon franchise?

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If you are thinking of investing in new and exciting business opportunities, you might want to consider hair salon franchise opportunities. As per an ongoing study, 5 out of 10 business people who start spa and salon organizations fall flat within the initial time frame of a few years. Like any other start-up opportunities, if carried out properly, the beauty parlour franchise can be lucrative and rewarding. In spite of the fact that the development in a spa and salon establishment is moderately higher, it’s very important to start with proper preparation.

Ivory Room is one such Beauty Salon Franchise which has been built on the aforementioned ideologies and is a perfect example of why investing in a salon franchise can be one of the most sought after deals in present times.

Hence mentioned below are some reasons as to why you ought to consider beginning a salon establishment

Business Model

The benefits of investing in an already recognized Salon Franchise can be plentiful. For any company to run successfully, an established Business model becomes the need of the hour. So in this scenario, one can develop on the basis of a pre-established business model along with an already loyal customer base. Having these things in place becomes a significant blessing as you don’t have to start from scratch. Necessary amendments could be made along the way to figure out what works best for your business. Additionally gathering raw materials wouldn’t be a hassle. Pre-existing relationships between the franchisors and suppliers would prove to be beneficial here.

Customer Base
One of the perks of working in an already established Salon Franchise is the loyal customer base. This helps in reducing significant expenditure kept aside for promotional and awareness purposes. Customers will flock to you because of your brand value and trademark.

Low Scope of Failure
Owning a business has its own ups and downs. But in this scenario previously proven blueprints for Beauty Parlor Franchise can be used as a guideline for running the existing business, in the process providing low scope of failure. The risk factor involved in any business becomes significantly less as the concepts in use are tried and tested. Further research has also revealed that Franchisees have a higher success rate than an independent business. Statistics have revealed that Franchisees have an 80% survival chances over independent businesses which amount to a meagre 20-30%.


The most basic thing while starting any business let alone a salon franchise is an initial amount of investment. But if you invest in a franchise, these requirements become secondary in comparison to say starting a business of your own.

When you buy a franchise, most of the groundwork is carried out by the Franchisors. They instruct and provide the necessary resources, guidance and training for the growth development and smooth operation of the business. So apart from an initial capital injection, the rest of the financial details like finding suitable locations, lease negotiations, reliable contractors, suitable budget etc are taken care of by the franchisors itself.

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